Updated to build 1.32

Just now. The render scaling is the big obvious change in this update but here is a full list. Feedback as usual is most welcome.

  1. The ‘richest company pays no tax’ event now cannot trigger if corporation tax is not active.
  2. A whole bunch of events are now more, or less likely depending upon difficulty settings.
  3. Added lots of overrides so Japan’s religious group behaves like Shinto/Buddhist not christian.
  4. Fixed scroll left button on mission selector.
  5. Fixed display of perceptions and event changes so its more clearly +/- 50%.
  6. Added feature where the player gets quarterly warnings if voter perceptions of them are worryingly low.
  7. Balance changes that generally make it harder to reduce CO2 Emissions.
  8. Illegal Immigration crisis now reduces Global Liberalism and boosts Racial Tension.
  9. Nuclear Fusion and Fission spending now helps stimulate the Private Energy industry.
  10. Fixed bug where maximum value for starting debt for Japan caused an integer overrun and turned negative.
  11. Added UI render-scale slider to options screen to make text and UI bigger or smaller for high DPI screens.


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