Updated to build 1.4 (30th november)

Hi there! Here is the latest update. We have some minor known issues with this one listed after this changelist:

  1. [GUI] Layout of the car design screen improved so that the horizontal tabs are now lines in a vertical column on the far left.
  2. [Feature] The green ticks on slot upgrades can now be toggled to switch upgrades on and off temporarily.
  3. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when selecting a car in the bottom pane of the showroom after it was sold.
  4. [Bug] Fixed bug where minimalism achievement would not make progress if you had researched any vehicle upgrades.
  5. [Balance] Wheel manufacture output doubled, production time shortened.
  6. [Balance] Alloy wheel manufacture now requires aluminium, not steel.
  7. [Balance] Value of alloy wheels feature increased, and imported wheels increased slightly in price.
  8. [GUI] When a slot has been researched and is placeable, but no slot has been placed a flashing ‘new’ indicator is added to the slot picker.
  9. [GFX] Fixed bug relating to invisible metalpress graphics on some slots at some angles.
  10. [GUI] Changed power indicator so it has a battery symbol instead of numbers.
  11. [Bug] Fixed the ‘Too many Path Objects requested!’ bug on very large layouts.
  12. [Balance] Removed predictive stock control from multi-task slots that receive little or no benefit from it.
  13. [Bug] Fixed display bug where R&D Tooltips would not list everything the selected item unlocks.
  14. [Feature] New researchable QA specialization allows you to break down the QA process into 3 separate stages.
  15. [Bug] Achievement descriptions now update correctly.

Known Issues:

  1. Those ‘new’ flashing signs are annoying at the start of a new game. I’ll fix that so they have to be unlocked by research for the next build.
  2. The red warnings about a slot not being connected to resources might be broken. I need to verify and fix that
  3. electric cars shouldn’t need emissions tests :smiley: I’ll change that…
  4. random crash bug. This is very rare, and seems related to sound engine code which we need to really concentrate on for the next build…

I know people are keen on having luxury car stuff and also conveyor logic, but I want to eliminate all those ‘known issues’ before even thinking about that.
Thanks for supporting the game and a reminder to potential buyers that there are no discounts for the game planned this year.


Would love to play all new versions.
But humble seems stuck on version 1.38.
Have posted in other threads and on Facebook.
No answer.

How can I get version 1.4 ?

Have just downloaded the latest update but I now have a major problem with my saved game as all my lines have come to a halt because those vehicles that have passed through the Quality Check have a red exclamation mark over them stating “Next Slot Requirements not met (Emissions Check)”. Do we need to research the new Quality Check option to clear this problem and if so there’s going to be one hell of a holdup on my three lines?? With $117 Million cash in the bank and some 70 man hours spent on this layout I really hope that I don’t have to start all over again. Thanks for any advice.

Hi, humble definitely has version 1.4, maybe requesting a new download link from their site updates old copies? if not do let me know and I shall investigate further.

There is a slight bug in the new version in that stuff that has already passed through QA but not yet been exported in a save game, will throw errors until you force them through the new slots. TBH it is something that had not occurred to me, as I usually have QA slots right by my exports :frowning:
If you can withstand the pain of simply deleting those conveyors with those cars on and re-laying the, thats another solution. Sorry for the bug…

I placed all the new QA slots and forced all my vehicles through up to the point where I’ve got another “Next slot requirements not met” message with no explanation as to what is required. Cliff I’ve e-mailed a screenshot to you, thanks.

OK, I’ve now discovered what my problem was and it was of my own making. When I placed the three new quality control slots I didn’t remove the original single QA slot and that obviously confused the issue, once done it cleared all my error messages. I had to lose quite a few cars in the process of relaying my lines but at least it’s problem solved.
I have noticed however that neither the AWD or Pickup Trucks require the three stage quality check, they still pass quietly through the old single stage to export. I know this as I have three production lines running and the other two which produce the Sedan, Compact, SUV and Sports models were both affected but not the third one. Is there a reason for this?

Hi, you dont ‘have’ to use the new QA 3-part system, the old one works fine, it just now has three subtasks (you can see if you click on it as it is running). Does that explain things?

Cliff two of my three lines would not run until I had researched and put down the three new QA stages, so I’m not sure what happened there. Are you sure that by downloading the latest update it does not force you into implementing all three stages?

It definitely doesn’t, I just double-checked with a new game, it might be some bug relating to games already in progress :frowning: I cant reproduce any issues with it at the moment.

I had similar issue, one car was on the conveyor between QA and Export, saying emission check not found or something. I just deleted that segment of conveyor and now it is working.

Well my saved game definitely would not run once I had installed the latest update, several cars that had already passed through the single stage QA check then stopped before export stating "emissions check required. If I knew how to add a screenshot to this message I could provide the evidence! I also have the game saved where it occurred. I think it could be just certain models affected or those with a particular feature. Not a problem now but it did definitely happen.