Updated to build 1.48

Here are the changes.

[version 1.48]

  1. [GUI] Entering and leaving slot blueprint mode now pauses and resumes the game.
  2. [GUI] Marketing dialog now also shows the current total brand awareness.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug where supply stockpiles did not update their routes correctly.
  4. [GUI] You can now place blueprints for locked (unresearched) items, but they appear purple and cannot be immediately placed.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bugs relating to resources stockpiles, wrong items being ordered, and also wrong items for the headlights slot when upgraded.
  6. [GUI] Office zones now show when in blueprint placing mode, placed blueprints now grey not red, and direction arrows always show for blueprints.
  7. [Bug] Fixed bug relating to toggling on and off of upgrades at slots that could cause toggle to be ignored or not checked correctly.
  8. [Bug[ Fixed bug where wages for marketing staff were not being paid correctly or categorised correctly.
  9. [Graphics] New animated characters: Female scientist (seated and standing). Seated marketing expert, woman with clipboard, employee operating control panel.
  10. [Bug] Fixed bug where achievements triggered outside of steam were not always updated on steam.
  11. [Balance] Increased rent by 50% for all non-starting zones.

Also… I screwed up and there was an animation bug., I did a hotfix today and hopefully all is fine now…

The ones I care about most in this list are the stockpile related fixes. I know some people saw the wrong things being ordered, and I found a number of theoretical causes and rewrote that code so hopefully all is fine now.
New company logo choices coming soon!

Great changes Cliffski, as always, a great game