Updated to build 1.50 (8th may)

Hi again! another update, with a variety of GUI tweaks and bug fixes:


  1. [GUI] Cars with defects now have a warning icon on them in the showroom.
  2. [GUI] Improved company logo/name picker.
  3. [GUI] Imports & Upgrades tabs now hidden in slot details window if not needed.
  4. [GUI] Tooltips added to the readouts on the top of the marketing and sales matrix screens.
  5. [Modding] Increased by a factor of 4 the maximum size of the path finding system to allow for bigger maps.
  6. [Performance] Approximately 50% speed boost to loading times and new game times.
  7. [Features] New upgrades for visual inspection and rework slots to boost detection rate and fix rate. These need to be researched.
  8. [GUI] Added tooltips showing prices for each component to the component tab of the efficiency window.
  9. [GUI] Delete key now works like the backspace key when editing text.
  10. [GUI] < and > keys no longer accepted as text input due to causing crash bugs…
  11. [GUI] Warning icons on vehicle design window LHS now update if price changes alter a cars price-range.
  12. [GUI] The list of resource imports on the slot details window is now the complete list regardless which car is currently being worked on.
  13. [Features] New area delete support. select the bulldozer from the slot picker then drag select to clear an entire area of the factory.
  14. [Features] Errors that bring up an error message now get automatically anonymously logged to the server.
  15. [Bug] Hopefully a fix for the “Failed to set Save file buffer” error.
  16. [Bug] Fixed game hang when trying to place a blueprint outside the map.
  17. [Bug] Hopefully fixed the 0 length autosave crash.
  18. [GUI] Slot picker outline now turns red when in bulldozer mode.

Hopefully there are some good bug fixes in there. I really do want to eliminate all crashes and bugs before adding anything else to the game. I’m aware of a few problems relating to slots like steering wheels and lights with components being ordered wrong, and I’m looking into it.

Looks good Cliffski. Cannot wait to get home at try it out!