Updated to build 1.59. Faster engines, GUI changes, Bug fixes & Balance


Hi, here are the latest updates (to both master and unstable buids):


[version 1.59]

  1. [Balance] Budget cars can now never consider a sunroof to be common.
  2. [GUI] Redesign of the showroom car details screen.
  3. [GUI] Showroom vehicle icons now have a warning or error icon on them depending if they have defects/missing features (error) or uninstalled features (warning).
  4. [GUI] New options added to options screen to toggle the ‘no export room’ and ‘insufficient resources’ notices on and off.
  5. [GUI] Redesign of the income screen so it shows revenue breakdown as a pie chart by category and by body style
  6. [Performance] Reduced size of save games.
  7. [GFX] Added new animated battery cell production machine.
  8. [Feature] New upgrade for paint-rooms: next-gen paint compressors.
  9. [Balance] Make brakes now produces 2 at a time, takes slightly longer, and costs more to place, uses more power.
  10. [Balance] Cost of valves doubled, cost of engine assembly +200. Value of basic car +200. Production time & power use of manufacture valves increased.
  11. [Balance] Value of a stop-start powertrain increased by $500. Cost of component increased by $350.
  12. [Balance] Touchscreen component cost increased by $300.
  13. [Balance] Cost of wood increased by $200.
  14. [Balance] Production time to make servos increased from 3,900 to 4,200.
  15. [GUI] New category-based system for the car design window to make toggling between mutually-exclusive options much more obvious.
  16. [Content] new researchable powertrain options (also manufacturable): Fast and Super Fast powertrains (ICE/electric variants)
  17. [Balance] Loans are now capped at $5million and no loans are offered if bank balance is above $10million.
  18. [Performance] Fixed a few memory leaks that could theoretically cause issues with really huge maps over long periods.
  19. [Simulation] Car-production slots now re-stock their stockpiles assuming the next car will be the same model as the current one, which should reduce the amount of refunded resources ordered.


You can find the latest developer video blog, which talks about some of these changes here:

The upcoming changes in the next build are likely to include some UI improvements, along with the addition of extra wheel and front grille options. We are also experimenting with glossier rendering for the cars. Don’t forget to vote on your priorities at the main menu, and thanks to everybody wwho reviews the game.