Updated to build 1.65 Better Stats GUI, Raised platforms Map editor overhaul


Hi all. I just updated the game to 1.65 with a bunch of improvements. Here are the changes:

  1. [GUI] Some improvements to the interface for the map editor.

  1. [GUI] Component efficiency window now displays a dash ‘-’ for production in cases where there is no option to produce a resource locally.
  2. [Feature] You can now click and drag to edit the wall graphics just like floor tiles in the cosmetic editing feature now.

  1. [Balance] Tweaked difficulty slightly easier by adjusting a number of parameters, especially relating to competition and AI research.
  2. [Bug] Fixed a few places in the GUI where resource icons like the paint-tin were drawn wrong.
  3. [Bug] Fixed a bunch of z-order bugs that drew things weirdly in the factory.

  1. [Bug] Fixed occasionally corrupt text on repay loan button.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where load game screen is stil open if you use the load icons instead of double clicking.
  3. [GUI] Changed market screen height so it never obscures the speed buttons.
  4. [GUI] Changed production schedule UI so it never spills off the screen bottom on really low res monitors.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where some robots would not animate at the right times.
  6. [Feature] Cars now go up and down on platforms when getting wheels,tyres fitted etc.

  1. [GUI] New stats window in the efficiency screen now shows more factory-wide data.

Hope you like these. I do plan to (at last!) start working on world events soon That will include stuff like regulatory changes affecting seatbelts & airbags, increased demand for electric & hybrid vehicles (or changes to resource prices due to global events) and so on…