Updated to build 1.80

Here is the full list of changes:


  1. [BUG] Fixed bug where graphics on RHS of screen corrupted when viewing maintenance overlay on a screen wider than 4096 pixels.
  2. [Feature] Search bars on R&D and task picker now create a drop down of items to click on as well as zooming to the first item.


  1. [GUI] There is a new button on the showroom screen that allows you to toggle between the normal and (new) summary view.

  1. [Bug] Fixed wrong display of points-per-minute on the R&D screen for designs. (purely a visual problem).
  2. [GUI] Battery indicator now shows supply values over 100%.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug where if you changed a floor tile using the factory decoration several times, then removed a slot, only the first change is remembered.
  4. [Feature] Mods can now include scenarios in the \modname\data\scenarios folder and they will be recognized. (still only 1 per map for now).
  5. [Bug] Fixed some bugs relating to manufacture of powertrains (upgrades were not mutually exclusive) and stop start engine upgrade not requiring the correct components.
  6. [Bug] Fixed rare bug that gave an error about being unable to highlight a tutorial window.
  7. [GUI] Improved and expanded initial tutorial
  8. [Bug] Aluminium is now available as a resource everywhere once you research alloy wheels OR aluminium bodies.
  9. [Bug] Fixed error in the way imported components were being calculated on the components efficiency screen, meaning they were sometimes assumed to be imported when stockpiles were being run-down instead.
  10. [Bug] Fixed UI anomaly on the lines showing incoming resources to a slot on huge maps when partially zoomed in.
  11. [Performance] major speed-up of the processing of customers for late-game with many customers and cars in showroom for a long time.