Updated to version 1.37 ELECTRIC & Hybrid Cars!!!

[version 1.37]

  1. [Feature] Clicking on any point on the options dialog sliders now jumps the slider to that point.
  2. [Feature] Hybrid and electric powertrains are now researchable and usable in the game!
  3. [Performance] Much better performance for routefinding.
  4. [Balance] More fine tuning of the rate at which AI carries out research.
  5. [Bug] Fit windows slot now uses the correct red welding robots.
  6. [Graphics] The power generators and transformers now have a crackling spark animation playing.
  7. [Bug] Fixed bug where a roof or other basic option would not be physically fitted to a car if an upgrade was not installed.
  8. [GUI] Moved the slot-picker button and now color it to tie-in with the slot picker GUI, other minor tweaks.

Hope you like these changes. This was a major code change because of support for the new power-train types, plus the re-writing of a lot of resource-finding code which sped things up a lot more. The next few patches are likely to concentrate more on gameplay balancing and UI/tutorial style stuff to make the games usability and learning-curve a lot better.

I hope that adding hybrid & electric engine types introduce some longer-run goals for the people who have already clocked-up more than 20 hours of gameplay (there are a lot of you :D)