Updated to version 1.58. Slot breakdowns & maintenance are IN. Exports faster

Hi, this build was the ‘unstable’ branch until now, and both branches are now the same. here is the full run-down on what’s changed:
[version 1.58]

  1. [Tutorial] New tutorial popup for completing research of polished paintwork or aircon to make it clearer these are new slots.
  2. [Bug] Fixed random crash bug in vehicle processing.
  3. [Bug] Fixed long running bug where the warning/error icon on the vehicle design button was not always in synch with the designs to show missing features.
  4. [Bug] Placing down car conveyor belts over the top of existing belts or slots now gives an appropriate refund for the cost of the existing slots to prevent double charging.
  5. [Content] New researchable upgrade for export slots: Larger sales teams.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug with the display of some slot upgrade time reductions.
  7. [Bug] Fixed bug where research and design studios researched differently at each game speed, also clarified true points generation per game minute.
  8. [GUI] Holding down shift when clicking a resource import strategy button now applies that to every slot of the same type.
  9. [Bug] Fixed bug where zooming in to put a currently highlighted and window-connected slot offscreen, then scrolling the world resulted in the window-connection lines screwing up.
  10. [Feature] Maintenance facility (researchable) can speed up breakdown repairs, plus new breakdown feature (optional) where production slots can stop working.
  11. [GUI] Buyall option for upgrades no longer closes window behind it.
  12. [Performance] Major framerate boost for massive maps.
  13. [GUI] When zooming out, max zoom out now correctly limited so you can see the whole map and nothing else.
  14. [GUI] The lists of upgrades and imports on a slot window are now sorted alphabetically instead of seemingly randomly.
  15. [GUI] List of car features at the bottom of the showroom screen is also now sorted alphabetically.
  16. [Bug] Smart Junctions can no longer break down. (They lack the UI to show progress on repair so this seemed fair).
  17. [GUI] Camera zoom is now non-linear to improve usability (hopefully :D)
  18. [Feature] Export slot can now be broken down into paperwork and shipping. All previous upgrades are now paperwork upgrades.

Feedback on the new maintenance stuff is very welcome. I’ll be working on improving some minor usability things in the next few days, and also investigating some reported issues when it comes to headlights and resources being refunded and re-ordered. There should be new artwork arriving soon which will mean a bunch of new content to come over the next few weeks.

Hi, with respect to feedback;

Early game - breakdowns are annoying, as there’s nothing you can do about them, until maintenance is researched

Defects - maybe anecdotal, but the defect rate seems to have jumped quite a bit with latest release (1.58)

QA unit - when I install the Rework slot, the game starts yelling for me to install a Fit Control unit, even though it’s already installed in the correct order in the PL. This started happening after the last update and happens on any configuration of the PL I’ve tried.

The defect rate should not have changed at all, you will get more defects with faster throughput as it is work-based not time-based, so maybe recent changes mean your line is moving faster (streamlined exports maybe?)

I also got that fit control bug once, I think some cars get out of synch, and you may need to delete a few cars (as a one-off with old maps) by nuking and re-laying the belts under them until it sorts itself out.