Updated today to build 1.39. Here are the changes!



  1. Fixed bug where background of some elements of situation details may not accurately reflect recent color palette changes.
  2. You can now click a voter group in the focus group screen to see details for that group.
  3. Changed load game icon from a diskette to an open folder, and added tooltips.
  4. Added new next-turn report item, to warn you just before an election if manifesto pledges are likely to be broken.
  5. Support for a bunch of mods to be browsed and one-click installed even for non-steam users using new UI seen when steam not running.
  6. Fixed bug where a number of graphs in the game showed values up until the previous turn, not the current value.
  7. Perception screen now shows more consistent numbers for the values of each perception.
  8. Fixed complex bug where media spin events could seem to have incorrect effects. This was just a display bug, but now should look correct.
  9. Added new tab to election results screen so you can check the political compass movements from there.
  10. Changes to layout of election screen for 2 party elections so German language is readable on smaller screens.
  11. Family Planning policy now reduces population over time.
  12. Impact of Free Parenting Classes policy on population has been reduced and takes effect slower.
  13. MUCH Better mod tools! Mod screen now lets you add dilemmas to a mod you have created entirely in-game without touching any files.