Updated version of Bone & Joints mod

This mod was made following the instructions on making mods by the author of this game. I have however modified it a little bit to make it more challenging and more rewarding. Since I could not find the Bones & Joints mod when I did a search on google, not even the one described in the modding tutorial, I decided to upload my modified version here for the benefit of those who do not know how to mod or are scared to do so.
Bones&Joints.zip (5.55 KB)

Seems to load correctly, but it’s not working for me. It doens’t show “Joints and Bones” section at cures tab, nor have any ingredient with anti inflammatory properties, it’s just like the vanilla game.

I tried the “Realistic Drug names” Mod, and it worked just right, but for some reason “Joints and Bones” mod is not working, but it loads ok. I tried to

I tested some codes of this at JSON validator, and I’m getting this error in “effects.data”:

Error: Parse error on line 16:
…[14, 18] } } }, { “id”: "arthr
Expecting ‘EOF’, got ‘,’

And the same error in strings-en.data:

Error: Parse error on line 4:
…Joints and Bones" }, { “code”: "antii
Expecting ‘EOF’, got ‘,’

Any ideas how to fix it?