How about some better instructions and feedback for updating? Right now I am GUESSING that I push the Online button and something is supposed to happen. I have registered and the screen says my serial number and name have been accepted and then…nothing. The screen lays there like a dead fish. Is it checking? Is it looking? Has it finished? Is it tasty, preciouss? Did it do anything? A little feedback or instruction would be most welcome.


The game started updating to Beta 1.16 on launch. And you can’t miss it - it takes like forever.

I can’t tell what changed though - game is still crashing when I am about to win the Racer Dreadnaught Mk II (5189584) challenge.

Edit: You are right - it is 1.16. And taking into account how long the download took, and that it ran the setup again, it probably didn’t only download some patches, but the whole thing…


I was at beta 1.15, I didn’t see any auto-update, so I re-downloaded the installer and that put me up to 1.16. I don’t see anything auto-updating from that.


The posts above are perfect illustrations of why there needs to be a more interactive updating interface, one with feedback. I am at beta 1.15 with no clue from the game as to how to update, if there is an update or if it is even trying to update.


Yup that online screen isn’t much help. I really should have a ‘check for update’; button in there…
The patch is 163 MB versus 260 MB whole thing. This is because some graphics changed, and the whole bitmaps file needs re-downloading :(.
Non graphics patches will be much faster.

I suspect it isn’t triggering for people who have steam running in the background. The game knows this, suspects its launched through steam (it isn’t yet) and doesn’t auto-update :frowning:

There is a changelist.txt in the same folder as GSB.exe if you want a complete list of fixes, or a sticky post in the support forum.


I tried shutting down Steam and restarting GSB2, still no update from 1.16. On the online screen my registration and name are valid and accepted. Looking at GSB2 with Process Explorer is appears to be idle; there’s no network activity other than a connection to pos.positech.co.uk:http sitting at CLOSE_WAIT.


I was not running Steam at the time. I never run Steam unless I am playing a Steam game. I always buy direct, if I can.
I later re-downloaded the install file, ran it and got to 1.16.


+1. That would be excellent.


I’ve only had the game for a couple days and was wondering how to update from beta 1.17 to 1.18. The “Online” button doesn’t have an option for updating. Great game btw.

edit: steam isn’t open and I did register the game.


Hi, the game only checks once per day, but it should check today and spot the update now


Very good. Thanks, Cliff.