Upgradable Side Effects

Some Benifits:

  1. Would be awesome to have a drug that cures coughs that had a side effect of blindness or death. Imagine the possibilities! :smiley:

  2. Upgrading side effects cause the drugs value to go up? enough to offset the possibility of creating a very deadly drug.

  3. Tiers for side effects, but easier to upgrade then cures because it can be like, trying to avoid an upgrading a side effect can be a essential part of the game.

  4. Side effect based challenges.

  5. Braaaaaains Challenge: Create a drug with 4 side effects: Sleeplessness, Intense Hunger, Decreased Brain Function, Impervious to pain.

Some Not Benefits:
!. Programming the stuff.

  1. People doing it on accident and getting frustrated at their drugs that cant do the thing they want it to do,


  • Sale-able as Chemical weapons
  • Able to move the active area of negative effects


  • Programming the black market, or similar

I will say that certain ‘Negative Effects’ could theoretically be beneficial under certain situations, and vice versa. There isn’t an easy way to put these in though.

Maybe euthanasia? Chemical weapons sounds a bit extreme, but stuff like tranquilizers or even recreational drugs do seem more like negative effects. I think it falls a bit out of the game’s scope, though. It’s Big Pharma, not Meth Lab Tycoon, after all.

Let’s take a very simple example that has really occurred.

A pharma industries wanted to create a new drug against heart failures. They did it but there drug has a side effect that only happens by about 50% of the users.
Nowadays this particular drugs is mostly sold because of its side effect.

Has someone already figured out with drug I mean?

This drug is called Viagra.

I would like the upgradeable side effects…

… when there’s also a market for selling that insane stuff, like for example to military as chemical weapons or pest control/extermination. Should be researched though so that you get the license to do such horrible things. Or drugs in a not so legal black market.

So you either can go the good or the bad way. Sell good medicine or the worst pesticide ever.

Another thing I’ve thought about is that upgrading a side effect might also under certain circumstances increase the catalyst rating, so you might want to go for that. Did anyone ever think about that possibility?

There are some situations where that might come in handy, especially if you are using Centrifuges to put all side effects you don’t want to have together on one item. Normally one would dump that thing into an Analyzer to get rid of it. But if one could actually upgrade the waste product and get a better catalyst out of it one might use that waste product in a neighbouring production-line or even in the same production line but in a later/earlier stage.

Doing that would save a lot of money since you’d not have to buy additional raw ingredients.

At least I have done that with the waste products of Centrifuges sometimes already but I often can’t do it because it’s the wrong Catalyst.

Hello once again. So, I am not going to claim credit for the “May Contain Side Effects” achievement on the Steam version of the game, but I think we as a community did a bang up job of looking like we did. High fives for everyone