Upgrade all button


When you research a new tech such as extra robots you get a button asking if you want to upgrade all. Now depending on finances I may not want to do this at that time, but I can’t see a way to do everything at once later on. Can there be one put in please (perhaps just one in the research screen when you click on that item again)?


This gets my vote. Every unique station upgrade, should have a method to upgrade all at any time. Perhaps, inline with an individual upgrade button, there could be a smaller, square “upgrade all” button on one side, which produces a confirmation dialog.

Agreed, its on my todo list. its just a matter of slotting it into along with everything else.

My thumbs up for that.

I would suggest to add the button into the upgrades-menu of a Slot. Next to “buy” (which means buy for this Slot) make a button “buy for all Slots”

I don’t know whether this is considered done as I see the post is from last year and I am new to the game but when you are putting in a full line it is a total pain to have to click each station and click each ‘Buy all’ button,
A ‘Buy all for full line’ button is desperately needed!!