Upgrade ingredient, activating new concentration


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Let’s say that I have an ingredient that Treats Diabetes and I need 10-12 concentration plus an Ionizer to upgrade it. How do I know what is the range of the new concentration value that needs to be in order to activate and produce it?

All I do now is that I produce one, I see the new concentration range and I redesign my whole production line because I don’t know it from before.

Sorry for my English, hope you understood my question

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At this point, you don’t know the correct concentration of the New Cure after upgrading till you’ve run at least one ingredient through the process required to upgrade it.

The line will run incomplete, and if you click on the machine that upgrades the cure after it’s taken and processed the ingredient (don’t put a conveyor after, or do and click the conveyor instead) the processed ingredient will show the requirements for the New Cure.

You can then expand the unfinished line as needed.

Yes, it’s somewhat annoying, but you aren’t the first to want to know what the new concentration will be before upgrading.

This is also why, despite the cost savings, it can be a good idea to make a new line as small as possible with the better machines available if the goal is an upgraded cure.


Hello Questiondeca,

So there isn’t already a way to find out. And I was thinking that there was but I was missing it. I hope they add it also, it would be a nice feature to know before the upgrade the rest of the machines needed it to reach the new concentration

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Or you could roleplay and see this as part of your research efforts :slight_smile: