Upgraded Cures subsequent concentration ranges


Analysis of Upgraded Cures subsequent concentration ranges vs. target/activate ranges

I was looking at why some upgrade steps seems to leave the resulting concentration far from the needed (active) concentration range of the upgraded cure.
This happens more for higher level cures but not always.
Some lower level cure upgrades can be frustrating b/c they end up so far from the needed range (looking at you “gout to liverdisease” AND “antihistamine to insomnia” ).

I only found a few that allow an upgrade that can leave the new concentration within the upgraded cure’s target concentration range.
And only 2 w/out special upgraded machinery (or very expensive machines): migraine and antimalarial.

Example nomenclature I’ll use to illustrate:
painkiller: evaporator (7 10) -> (8 11) to migraine(5 9)
Means: Upgrade painkiller, using evaporator in concentration between 7to10, goes to 8to11, for migraine which needs concentration 5to9
So starting w/ painkiller at either 7 or 8, thru evaporator goes to 8 or 9, which is w/in the target concentration range

And the other is:
antibiotics: cryogenic/cooler (6 11) -> (12 20) to antimalarial(12 15)

A few are hard to classify. E.g. if a sequencer is needed, upgrading the sequencer may unlock values that are w/in target cure concentration.
acne: sequencer (1 5) -> 2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 to hairloss (15 17)
cancersymptoms: sequencer (19 20) -> 2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 to multiplesclerosis (13 14)

And the two that use the Hadron Collider, which activates all involved ingredients, so subsequent concentration doesn’t matter:
aids: hadron (2 3) -> (collided) to hiv (19 20)
multiplesclerosis: hadron (5 6) -> (collided) to cancervaccine (19 20)

FWIW, the largest “variance” I could find, (meaning the ‘upgraded’ drug was furthest from the upgraded cure’s target concentration range) was for alzheimers.
schizophrenia: uv_curer (14 16) -> (1 1) to alzheimers (19 20).
but alzheimers also has the largest “baseValue”, which appears to affect initial value of the cure, so maybe that’s justified.