Urban Development for Balance?

I’ve long loved the rural development grants policy! I like the option to balance GDP growth and development.

I also think it would be great to see an Urban Development Grants policy, as well. As I see it, this would do the following:

  • Increase GDP
  • Reduce car trips
  • Increase bus use
  • Increase rail use (this is less logical, but the idea is that people in cities with greater access to rail transit)
  • Increase air travel (same as above; greater access to airports in this case)
  • Improve popularity among youth
  • Decrease popularity among farmers
  • Reduce Farmer’s membership
  • Reduce generational wealth gap
  • Increase risk of housing boom (this would suggest that public investment in social housing is needed to counteract inequities)

What do people think? What other impacts should such a policy have?