US Midterms - what will happen?

What do you think will happen to President Bush at the mid term elections? Will the presidents popularity creep back up in time? or is there a rough time ahead for the republican party? Has the death of zarqawi marked the beginning of a turnaround in the public perception of the war in iraq?
Place your predictions here :smiley:

To be honest I doubt the death of Zarqawi marked anything to be honest he will be replaced by some other guy and they will continue there campaign of terror, along with the real Iraq insurgents of which Zarqawi was not part of and in fact hey didn’t even get along as far as I’m aware.

I think most of the USA are starting to realise now that they are in fact stuck in a rut, this is a war they can’t win and never will win you kill one so terrorist and five pop-up in its place.

However not being from the USA I can’t really say what is the big public opinion hitters over there are this moment in time for all I know Half of them couldn’t care less about the war. But with the republican part surrounded in scandal(s) quite often they may take a hit.

I seriously doubt the Republican Party will get in to office again in 2008 but who knows depends on the running candidates and whether they can turn things well around in two years

but who is running against them? will it really be hilary clinton? does the possibiltiy of voting for the first US woman president outweigh the ‘baggage’ that some may believe she brings with the name clinton?
Personally I think if clinton runs, she will win, but if theres too much in fighting between now and then in the democratic party, that could hurt their chances.
American election campaigns are so long its staggering!