[USABILITY] Keyboard Shortcuts

While not a high priority, it would be nice to have a couple of keyboard shortcuts for a few things. If anyone has any keyboard shortcuts that they would like to see, post them here and maybe we will see a few of them show up.

In particular I would like a shortcut (one of the function keys maybe?) for quick saving, for instance on the deployment screen. Maybe autocreate a quick save file, that would be overwritten each time?

A shortcut for the various orders would be great. Just hit it while the ship is selected. Also, skipping having to press the “select a ship” button for orders like formation would be nice.

Toggle for full screen/windowed mode.
Or even a keystroke to go right to the options screen.

I am in windowed mode now, but the buttons are all under Windows task bar…so I can’t battle, challenge, or even go to options to go back to full screen… LOL

If you go into your “My Games\Gratuitous Space Battles” folder, there is a prefs.ini file, you can toggle fullscreen/windowed mode there.

Ah…in the My Documents folder…never would have thought to look there… LOL

I’d pay good money for a GSB Keyboard shortcut mod. Unless of course I’m missing the “Copy & Paste” function in the Fleet Deployment screen?

you guys should research macros, i personally haven’t been able to figure, so i can really explain them very well but basically is like personal shortcut maker