Usage of keyboard, please, Cliffski!

i believe this has been mentioned before: can we please please get the ability to use the keyboard? When there is a lot of personal activities, it takes so many mouse clicks :unamused: to arrive at, for example, shopping activity. it would be so much easier to use arrow keys. And ESC key for escaping hints etc. would also be welcome. Some of us are not used to searching for the window closing marks all the time :imp:

It should be feasible, shouldn’t it? I sure would make a difference. 8)

if you have a wheel on your mouse, they cycle through some of those things too. But good point, arrow keys should work too.

I would love keyboard shortcuts as well. I’m all about the keyboard.

I agree. It would be great if there were hotkeys (such as “enter” for the next day button, “S” for solo activitys, “G” for group activities, etc). This would make is so I don’t have to click so much to play the game.


Me would like to see keyboard shortcuts too.
At least some for (my) most important activities like erm… (not in real life - really) : sleep on sofa , jogging, and “end turn/day”

And please add the mousewheelscrolling to the remaining selection screens.