Useless Weapons and modules

I don’t understand how rocket fighters are any good.
Refire rate is too slow
weight slows down my fighters too much
dps/penetration is lacking.

Only thing I like less than rockets are pulse.
I’ll stick to my beam fighters.

Also, the cruiser racial beam weapons seem sub par to the universal equivalents.

Cloak I have no opinion about, I’m only using it on my carriers thus far.

I agree EMP shield is lacking, I’d take it off my ships but I don’t remember which ones I put them on. It needs at least a 50% boost in efficiency.

What I’d really love to see is a few ship bonuses towards weapons, cloaking or even emp resistance, instead of just speed,tanking, or power. The Imperial Weapons Platform begs for such a bonus.

last minute idea, bonus towards missile/torp/bomb speed

Because, rocket fighters are FASTER than laser fighters.
Because target painters make them extremely good at killing enemy fighters.
Because you may still have free slots for fighter armor and still being faster than laser fighters.

rockets are 0.5 lbs lighter
target painter is rather heavy and slows the fighter down almost as much as a torp does.
I’ve found armor to be a negligible difference

I just now retested the difference of these two weapons on the Imperial Phalanx fighter. Either I’m making an unperceived but grievous mistake in using rocket fighters or perhaps you all should rethink beams.

I’m not sure if its the Icarus rebel fighter or another hull that everyone is so fond of. I decided to test the Icarus.
Starting from most effective to least, these are the setups I tested.

Phalanx with laser
Icarus with laser/rocket
Icarus 2x lasers
Icarus 2x rockets
Icarus Rocket/Target painter
Phalanx with rocket

I’m very surprised how effective the laser/rocket combo is. Its efficiency was only a little below that of the laser phalanx. If i remember right theres a rebel hull with a bonus to structure or something. I suspect if you set it up with rocket/laser it’ll surpass the phalanx.

This in a fighter can be a diference as much as 0.20 on speed. Not counting that there is no fighter that can have an engine and a laser without a generator.

Try to hit with a laser cannon a 3.50 fighter.
Icarius with 1 rocket,
2 ablative armor
and engine II.