Using empire properly - tips please

Hey, me again, the most annoying newbie.

Despite a lot of naysaying I’ve seen around, I want to give the Empire a go just because they look so damn awesome, and in the naive hope that they’re not quite as bad as the forums seem to make out.

Anyway, I’ve not made a lot of progress myself to be honest. I’ve got about as far as:

  • Fighter - just a cheap rocket fighter using the Phalanx hull. Couldn’t really do much with empire fighters on my attempts.
  • Missile cruiser using the Legion hull, picked a smaller (relatively) ship with an ok number of hardpoints to sit back and spam missiles.
  • Heavy cruiser using the Praetorian, for weapons it’s just packing proton beams and 2x emp cannons right now, but I managed to fit a monster of a tank on it. Weapon loadout could probably use some work.

Edit: oh, also, how’s the imperial laser? Didn’t look that impressive to me but might be overlooking something.

But anyway, fail as these may be, I could really use some advice from people who can actually use them properly on ship layouts, general strengths (if any) and weaknesses. Thanks!

This wasn’t helpful to you?

I found that during the campaign the Empire is the only faction that consistently has the least amount of loss(almost zero even in no-shields mission) and highest amount of honor.