USSN (mod) 0.07 released! (Rebuiding)


i was getting bald from scratching my head trying to figure it out!

you SirJamon have LASER EYES

once again thank you!
i see now how dangerous it can be to write these things by hand :open_mouth:

Good I finally found it. It can be annoying the headache a single typo can bring while coding lol.

Btw, I really like that you are making completely new ships in 3D and they look pretty good. I’ll be following this mod despite not posting much around :slight_smile:

alright this is how ive planned to make the ships:


interceptors (1) (0 done)

fighters (2) (1 done)

bombers (2) (0 done)

gunships (1) (1 done) *

freighter (2) (1 done) (changed for the last time :wink: )


corvettes (2) (0 done)

frigates (2) (0 done)

platform (2) (0 done)


cruisers (2) (1 done)

capital (1) (0 done)

station (1) (0 done)[/code]

what do you think?

A fighter-class Freighter is brilliant!
I recommend the name “station” instead of “base”.

Hoohoo! Great stuff! This is coming along at quite a pace now :slight_smile:

thats becase i can work at this full time :smiley:

you see, im on a game developer line in high school so i can actually work at this in school :smiley:

well im off to bed tomorrow i will try to finnish 3 new models

-USSN Destroyer
-USSN Carrier/frigate thingy (needs a name :S)
-USSN Shark Fighter

Woot I found the ship that I was thinking of, and another pictures too, Let me know what you can do with these. This top one is the one I was thinking of, and then other is a earlyer version of the one before it was made. Same model just more work done to it. I have one more that was before the wings were extruded from the side. If you woul dlike the first one I’ll post it up here if you would like to see how I made the ship.


wow the first one is exactly what i need for my interceptor and thanks for finding pictures of the wireframe, those will help me alot.

ill begin to work on it right away. should be done in about 2-3 hours

That is basicly a screenshot of milkshapes interface with all the extra’s cut off and just the four veiw windows. I’ll see if i can bang out a frigate for you to model after. As I can not find a skp export feature, sad panda I be. :frowning:

what are the long clyenders for on the wings gun barrels? It would look funny if it was not a frighter with the little turrets on the end heh. I love the ship too, but would like to point out the wings on the top one, witch you modeled are swept forward, and the frount tip is wider than the rear tip. Not sure if you ment to cut that out or was unable to see it.

I’ll post the fragate asap, oh and also I’m really crapy with textering so it may or may not have a texture map. But meh you are just remaking them in your program so I don’t think it would matter.

And in responce here is the basic outline of the fragate, the weapons i was thinking would be placed along the flat section on the sides, and then big cone thingy in back is one massive drive.

I present Frigate-One. . .

its a bit too round to be a USSN ship, but i saved the picture for my next mod.

i think it will fit perfectly i with the ULP (United Liberty Planets), the USSN´s worst enemy

mmm ok, i wasn’t thinking about the boxyness I’ll try again heh. Anyways off to college i go.


alright so i got the lonestar fighter ingame and i have changed a little on the battleship and the corvette. should i use the new blue engines or should i switch back to white?

Ok I thought I posted this one, but its not up there so anyways here is the second attempt to make a frigate. to side with the C on it is for the back and I thought it would be the drive.

does anyone know where i can get some custom sound effects? anywhere on this forum or someplace i can download some for free, and preferably (spelling?) in a .ogg format. thanks in advance.


There are loads of sounds here:

But not all of them are .ogg. You’ll need a sound converting program to get them to .ogg.

use Audacity,excellent free sound editor and converter, even if a little simple

Pokes head into thread and looks around

Um just wondering but that second picture i did was it acceptable for the first race? I had to subdivid it a lot to get it how I needed. Maybe It i would have done it on a face by face bases it might have looked a little cleaner. I Start with a sindle shape and mold it from that. I might try to use more than one shape, but sometimes it gets hard removing the extras.

Anyways looking forward to the mod, and back to my own Its almost update time.

yes your model is cool and all but i cant seem to find a place for it. it looks like a freighter to me, so it might come in as a second freighter but otherwise i dont know what to doo with it. sorry