[Utility] GSB Module Organizer 1.02

So, I am not sure if I am the only one with this problem, but sometimes my module .txt files tend to get bit cluttered and you never know were to find that single line you need to edit. I then present to you GSB Module Organizer 1.0 - Actually Finished Edition (My usual username is gruntmaster1). This tool will organize all of the lines in a specific order. If you add files that contain entries that isn’t already in the .xml file, then you will get a message box and they will be added to the bottom of the list.


1 - Save reordered .txt files: Overwrites the added files with its content sorted based on the lists. Any entries that are not in the lists, will not be saved to the file.
2 - Save priorities: Saves the lists to the Priorities.xml file.
3 - Clear files: Removes loaded .txt files.
4 - Files loaded: Shows the number of .txt files currently loaded.
5 - [config]/[dataitems]: The .txt files will have their entries sorted in the same order as the entries in the list.

Context menu (right click on a list, make sure the entry is selected):
Add entry: Add an entry above the selected entry. The .txt files will only be saved with what they contained when they were loaded.
Add space: Adds an empty space above the selected entry.
Rename: Renames the selected entry.
Remove: Removes all of the selected entries in the list. Note: Files will only be saved with the entries in the lists, so if one is missing, you will likely get trouble.

Load files: You load files by drag and dropping them on the tool. You can drag a single .txt file, multiple .txt files at once or a folder (all .txt files in the folder will be loaded).
Moving entries: You can move a single entry by drag and dropping it, it will be placed above the entry you’re pointing at (don’t try to move from one list to another). You can move multiple by using ctrl + X and ctrl + V or ctrl + up/down arrow key.

Note: I strongly recommend backing up your modules folder. As much as I want to say that nothing will happen, I can’t guarantee it.
Download v 1.02: mediafire.com/?w779s93retce7 … w5thvzjkqw
The source code can be used to whatever you want as long as you give credit were due and don’t present my work as your own.
Required to run: .Net Framework client profile 4.0

Patch notes:

  • Some files might have been corrupted when making the zip.
  • Made it so exceptions are shown in a message box.
  • Fixed a bug where loading files would add multiple of the same entry, if it didn’t already exist and more than 1 file would have it.

Ok, I tested it a bit, and I ran straight in a “little” problem.
99% of the time, some of the data are duplicated inside the organiser.
And even if I clear this duplicate, there is some of the information who are still duplicated inside of the module data.

This can be a wonderful tool if you correct this little bug.
Anyway, good work!

That sounds weird. Could you upload the files or folder you tried to organize?

Glad that the tool also seems useful to others :slight_smile:

Edit: Added v 1.01 to main post. Nothing was fixed, but I changed it so exceptions should show up if any is thrown (they tend to hide themselves while still causing problems) and archive was unchanged after being made (not sure if this will impact anything).

Just try with the core modules
Put one module in the organizer, shuffle the data, open an other, here is the bug!

Can’t reproduce it on my end. Could you try v 1.01 and see if you get any messages?

I can’t reproduce it either with this version ^^’
But, I got the priority already filled on this version, it was empty the previous one.
Possible cause of the bug?

When I try to put the Xedilco folder, there are many duplicate!

Edit 2:
The duplicate only occur the first time I put the folder, once the new data are identified, there is no more bug…

The first version was replaced and renamed using winrar, so that might have corrupted it. It is good that there seems to be no more bugs, but getting this fixed would be good. Actually, I think I know why this happens now. So that the message box doesn’t pop up every time a file adds a new entry, I made it so they are added to a collection and then added to the list once all files are loaded, but the files doesn’t check if it already exist in the collection, only the list >_<. Still, I wasn’t missing any entries when I tried to load the Xedilco files.

Thank you for reporting it and helping solve it (edit 2 made me realize what it was). I have experience quite a lag of this in the past, so it is very apreciated.

It’s nice to see someone else producing utilities to help people out. The less people have to mess around with things by hand, the more they can focus on actually making the mod :slight_smile:

Thanks, looking forward to your editor (I might have ended up making it myself if you hadn’t, I just fear it would have ended as my SoaSE mod manager(also my first .net application)).

If you have any feedback then it would be great to hear (though don’t feel any pressure to use it just to try to report back to me). With GSBEdit, I’ve always had a policy that people are allowed to complain about anything from major new functionality they would like to small details that bug them about it. As I’m only one person, not a full dev/usability/testing/QA team, it’s all useful.

Actually, the functionality if your tool is something that’s been on my todo list for a while for GSBEdit. Editing existing modules is fine as it preserves the ordering of the items, but for new modules the order makes sense to the computer but is not useful for the user. Don’t worry though, GSBEdit won’t have the ability to scan through a mod’s files and automatically reorder the values in all the modules for a while yet. I’m not making you obsolete [size=50](for now)[/size] :wink:

Jokes aside, I meant it when I said it’s good to see another programmer around here. Collaboration (or just getting inspiration) can only help :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, not having anyone provide any feedback is a lot worse, than any feedback (be it negative or positive). I won’t promise anything regarding this. I have had times were someone would go “Oh this looks great, I’ll give you feedback later.” only to never hear from them again and it is rather discouraging.

More options [size=50]and inspiration :ninjaface:[/size] is useful for both us and the users. I have a tendancy to wander, but I hope for a good future (be it as colleague or nemesis). Happy modding.