V 1.03 bug

Be aware that the white arrow isn’t part of the bug :slight_smile:

Damn, better fix that…

Also it would seem, unless this gets reset after each election, that my Political Achievements awards have been reset.

Checking this again mid way through my term and it now says cut unemployment by 10% No Change underneath it. But there was a change a few turns ago, how can there now be no change?

What’s happened here? I had about 61mil members a turn or two ago

I strongly suspect the same state of affairs as someone else had earlier. Cynicism. Has your cynicism gone high? you can check at the bottom of the polls page. basically, the game allows the maximum level of cynicism to be high enough that it precludes anyone from being motivated enough to join the party.
Cynical actions include raising taxes after an election or dropping them just before.
You can adjust cynicism under the options i you want a stronger or weaker effect.
Because people have party loyalty, you need to wait until that loyalty drains away before they quit. if your population are VERY happy, they will be at 100% support. so (for example) say cynicism kicks in at 25%, that knocks them below the party threshold point, and once that hits, they will all leave.
I might introduce fuzziness in a later version to make this less drastic, but it would mean changes to the save game format.

Not that I can tell, there is about a quarter of the bar full. Shouldn’t mean 61mil members would all leave instantly though would it? Seems bit odd.

It’s because of the way the equations are set up. Its unfortunate i hadn’t put some fuzzy randomnness in there, because every voter is (at the moment) equally susceptible to cynicism, which isn’t as realistic as it could be.