v0.45.00 Cure concentration on cure tab -last level

Cure concentration showing on cure tab is great , but the last level (highest level for a give cure line) doesn’t appear to show.

Not sure if this is a bug or is intended.

e.g. for Blood Line, I can see level 3 cure “Reduces Stroke Risk” is active 10 to 15 range, but upgrade to level 4 cure, “Cure Sickle Cell Anemia” doesn’t show the target concentration to activate it.

Appears to be the same for the “last” cure in every line, regardless of level.

Have you upgraded to that level? I don’t think it shows the active concentration if you haven’t upgraded to that level at all.

I meant to post that this was “Free Build”, so everything should be unlocked.

Yes, I have. This may bleed over into the “when should Cure Concentration ranges appear” topic, but in any case, the Cure Concentration
did not show even after upgrading to that level, activating it, or selling the product (for Cancer Vaccine in this case).

Also, I believe it to be “last in line”, not just the 5th level cures, 4th, etc.

For example, in Liver line, “Combats Liver Disease” (2nd level) is the highest upgrade cure.
On the Production tab it will say “cannot upgrade” if I hover over an ingredient that has
“Combats Liver Disease” in it b/c it is at the highest level in that line. OK, fine - end of that line.

Upgrading “Gout” thru a Dissolver will show “Combats Liver Disease” has Cure Concentration range of 16 to 19
But the “Cures” tab still won’t show the Cure Concentration range, even if
a) change the concentration to the required range
b) produce a product (pill/cream/etc.)
c) sell the product

If Cure Concentration range is going to show for cures that have reached an upgrade, I don’t know why they wouldn’t show
for the last level upgrade.

Note some of the Cure Concentration ranges appear to have changed in the latest release (V0.45.00), so the values shown here
may be different than what we saw previously.