[V1.12 Bug] Select orders

During the tutorial, I was on the ‘Select Orders’ bit which tells me to “close the order window”. I close the order window and the tutorial does not proceed. I can find no way to continue.

I thought there was already a post for this, but I cant find it.

You can get around it by just hitting the Esc key a couple of times.

I tried that and it didn’t seem to allow the tutorial to advance. Still, perhaps this will work for others. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, this has been posted a few times. Pity that cliffski hasn’t fixed it yet. I don’t think anybody has successfully completed the tutorial.

Cliff did mention working on the tutorial and manual once the rest of the bugs and balance issues have been fixed. I guess we’ll just have to wait until then.

Thanks. The joys of beta software. :slight_smile: I just wanted to make sure he knew about the bug.

I hate the tutorial :frowning: I will investigate tomorrow :frowning:

Fixed it, will be in 1.13