Vanilla Scenarios

Some new scenarios for cheapskates who only bought vanilla. They each come with a little story written by me (They’re Okay, not THat good, but hey, it’s just business, right?)

My first one :
Against The Empire
Against the (242 KB)

A massive fleet of Imperial Cruisers and big frigates, better description inside.

Bit earlier than expected, man, If i was a factory I could make hundreds of these per day!
Rebel Assault
Really big file so u have to download it externally. (Well not that big but big enough to be bigger than 245 kbs which quite frankly SUCKS!)

Praetorian Ind appears on the description! :smiley:
Im really glad, thank you very much, i will give you a review of the mission later, if it is so great as the description, you will need to make more xD

EDIT: Seems like you like to make scenarios, im needing that for Praetorian Industries Mod, you would like to make some scenarios for the mod? we will give you the credit of each scenario, and, as every member of the principal “team” (Darkstar076, Sirjamon and Me) you will have access to the mod before the others, because you’ll need it for testing your scenarios.
But, for now you will have to wait, because we have just one ship fully functional. [size=50]Sirjamon!!! we need you… D:[/size] xD

Thanks Praetors, in the description I felt that a great sort of “company” mod could do well if I put it in. BTW I’m trying to write a small book (Not that im going to publish it or anything, i would have 50 00000000 people suing me for copywright :D) but it kinda ties in with the storyline of my scenarios.

If you notcie I also put in a little of my hatre of the Rebels, I hate how they swarm fighters.

I’d love to make some scenarios!

That’d be great, something for me to do on my last week of hols :smiley:

(And yes, I know most of u are like 30 something, so :smiley: in the face)

I will have the second scenario up by tomorrow first thing.


I do like making scenarios! I like going up against a large enemy fleet with like 3 cruisers and I imagine them at first saying like “We gonna win easy” then when I show them like 35 guns the go “aww #%^&**&^%#%^&&^%%^&(&^ etc etc.”


how old are you blaigh?

cuz i thought i was the youngest modder here xD

I am officially the youngest modder around.

BTW: Mysteriousity comes with being a Ninja.


why so mysterious?

im 16, are you older or younger?

srsl, i HAVE to know!



well i guess im second (again)

well, methinks they aren’t and he just called him bro and they were just talking about siblings.
how old are you blaigh? I’m 13, can you beat that :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways we are way off topic. So…

Yes, please stop this conversation as you are making me feel old !

How old are you?

look at his profile…

Damn it, i forgot about that … so much for being mysterious :stuck_out_tongue:

Chin up, buddy. Looks like it’s really just you and me against old Father Time. :wink: