Variable slider costs

An experiment for #democracy4. The game now differentiates between <10%, <25% and larger policy slider moves with differing political capital amounts, indicated on the slider by red/green if achievable right now. Very happy with this :D. #smallerchangesareeasier

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I wonder if implementation cost will be similar - implementing policy at low intensity should be less costly than implementation at high intensity.

Also how those implementation costs were done at first place?

Total expenses? Bureaucratic complexness?
Voter support? Then it should depend on voter approval and composition.

Implementation costs are currently fixed, which TBH I think makes sense. In terms of voter composition effect, you do now get more political capital if you have high popularity,. so effectively popular governing will allow you more freedom.

The reason I think implementation should be fixed is that often it seems like the media discourse surrounding new government actions is entirely around the principle rather than the detail. For example if you were to try to introduce universal basic income, I think there would be a lot of debate about the future of automation, whether people should be ‘paid to do nothing’ whether or not it would really reduce bureaucracy and so-on, but very little discourse about the specific facts and figures involved. Once a policy is in place, and seen to work/fail, people can start analyzing the true impact of it, in monetary and other terms.

Ah so implementation cost is roughly correlated with perceived impact/complexity.

Policies, that don’t cost a lot and only have positive benefits are always implemented at full effect by players.
For example a lot of social engineering policies are like this.

There is no reason to implement such policy at half of power.
Unless there is bureaucracy simulation - so those feel good cheap policies would overload bureaucracy clogging up entire system.

Yup. It might be fun to have some sort of general bureaucracy indicator that eventually acts as a drain on GDP :smiley:


It could anger some voter groups too.

yup especially capitalists I think.