various small issues / errors.... and space bugs!

im not sure if you’ve fixed/are fixing these but here is a small list of issues ive found

  1. on the kug…ra… summing race (the one with 4 arms) one of the victory prompts says victory is HOURS instead of OURS… witch may be true… depends if they are complaining about the length of the battle (but i doubt it)

  2. some parts when thrown off an exploding ship show up as rectangle of pure color. unfortunately i haven’t bothered to make ships with 1 part and blow them up to see witch ones are the problem yet… but i will if you require or want me to.

  3. in the very last story mission planet there are ships (they look kinda like a sword shape… there is 1 in the middle of the enemy formation on easy if i recall…)
    this ship hull seems to only have one point where shots hit… and its not even on the ship!.

  4. needs more space-bugs… with unique: 1) super armor 2) pincer limpets! (limpets with a mele attack! but have a super slow launching rate and are slower than other limpet types) (and other bug related stuff)

thanks in advance for looking and helping… and sorry for the 4th suggestion… it is worth a try xd (and if you do add them… name them acarathians for me? plz? :D)

I can confirm on #3, which I’ve seen on another map that escapes memory.

Yootani have a few incorrect win messages as well.