Vehicle cost / produced unit

Hello one thing that would be realy intresting is to see total cost (in the finance menu) of a vehicle.

this should be split up between cost labor cost and material cost.

right now i try to lower the cost per produced unit by calculating the cost for inhouse production.
however i cant find the cost of labor, only the cost of raw material and this gives a small payback (normaly around 150$ for complex parts) then the labor is included and it would lower the profit more.

Further it would be nice to be able to “source” material and chose suppliers later on. “Bulk buy” steel if you wish

That is a good idea. Another thing that would add to the game is the ability to adjust the pay to workers. If the workers don’t enough then they start to quit and your pant starts to slow production. Just a thought!!

ive seen other tycoon games where you get a higher efficiency after longer uninterupted production or changes (in this case, new models)
might be an other thought.

Also, it would be nice to be able to add workers also, not just robots.