Vehicle Models / Paint / Contracts / Sorting

Hello All,

After playing the game for a little while, I have a few suggestions that I would like to see in the game if it is possible. First, I think it would be cool to see different vehicle model types; sedans, pickups, SUV’s, vans (passenger & cargo). These could be researched and built on the line. Also with this allow you to change the model being built in the line without having to build an entirely new line. There could also be a demand for a certain model type from your export department.

Second, I would like to have an option to change or set the paint color of a car and have that be effected from export (i.e. export may demand 30 blue cars or 50 white trucks) This would make it more realistic!!

Third, I used to play car tycoon back in the day so it would be great to see a contract option where you have to build X number of vehicles to a certain specification to complete a certain contract. It would also be unique to get contracts that require a constant stream of vehicles, as in you build police car base models that get sold to a company that actually adds the decals so they just need an unlimited amount of police car base models from your company.

Finally, I think some sort of balanced sorting would be nice…have something like Factorio sorting to better balance the lines would help with having multiple stations to build more vehicles!!

Thanks, AndrewHB

I agree with this idea and think there should be another car added or at lease make a tool so we can add our own car mods now.

Adding extra car types would not be that hard, its mostly a matter of a little bit of code (which is maybe a days work I guess) and then getting new artwork done. Its definitely on my list of things to add to the game.
Actual control over paint colors is also something I’d like to add in there :smiley:

That would be awesome to see in a future release!! Both sound great and will be cool to see someday in the game if its possible!!

Look at data\bitmaps\atlases

There are four files there: car1_x.atl and (x stands for the orientations north east and southwest. I guess th engine just flips them for the other two directions). The dds file is a texture atlas that can be edited with tools found in the DirectX Toolkit (and various other professional image editing softwares), which you get if you download Visual Studio and the Windosw Platform SDK. Edit the texture and enjoy your new car! The contents of the atl file (can be opended with a text editor) tells you which part of the texture is what and how large it may be.

I love the contract thing where some one call you so you can produce certain cars for them

I am looking forward to having multiple types of cars and parts being available. I can imagine that some contracts would have restrictions as well requirements, like Taxi cabs needing leather interior and satnav but not wanting bluetooth because they don’t want their cars being hacked by passengers or something.

I say add limousines, three-wheelers, motorbikes, vans, hauler, and larger trucks like construction vehicles to the suggestion pile. And tanks.