Verge of buying, multiplayer question

I just played the demo and had a lot of fun. My real issue is with the multiplayer; is it all a numbers game or do I pick a fleet, try a player made challenge and watch my fleet fight their fleet in a gratuitous space battle? I know in the end it’s all a numbers game but watching my fleet fight is the deal breaker here. I’m sorry if this is a repeat question but I couldn’t find an answer on the second page and the FAQ didn’t specify.

It’s very similar to single player, except the enemy fleet has been created by a human. You still watch your fleets fight. The key is having the right ships with the right orders.

yeah, so it’s basically like you never, ever, ever run out of missions. :smiley:

It wouldn’t be very Gratuitous if you didn’t get to see the ships fight :smiley: So yes, you do see the battles, that’s the whole point :slight_smile: