verison games on demand

Hi, I got ahold of the game through verison games on demand. It said that I should check here for “set display mode”. I tried to follow the dirver update instructions, but I’ve gotten confused. In my adaptor screen it says I have a Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family. I followed the link provided on the tutorial and ended up here by searching the 945 express chipset family on the intel site. I;m now lost as for what to do next. Do i just pick on of them to download, of is there a specific one i need.

all info from the adapter page

Chip Type: Intel®GMA 950
DAC Type: internal
memory size 32 mb
adapter string: Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family
Bis information: internal video BIOS

I really don’t understand compers so i apreciate any help you can give. Thanks

Graphics driver is the thing you want to download and run. It will probably want you to reboot after that.
But a 32MB video card is very low spec, there isn’t a guarantee it will run the game without problems.