Version 1.06 just went live. here are the highlights...

Ok, thought I’d let you know what to expect in the latest build. This is an ‘interim’ patch, some more content and feature-heavy stuff is in the pipeline, I just wanted to get some of these urgent fixes out there
here are some of the ‘highlights’

3) Balance: Major rebalancing of component & resource costs and process times & costs to rebalance manufacturing.

I changed a LOT of numbers here. You will find that the quantity of resources required by a lot of slots has gone down, and that the prices of many components will have changed. Also the construction costs of later-game slots has risen, and the default sale price of a car has dropped. I also changed the algorithm for determining car sales, so you might find it a bit harder to make billions of dollars now :smiley:

4) New Technology: Administration leads to computerized sales which speeds up car exports.

Basically 2 new tech tree items. This lets you unlock the first upgrade for the export slot, which speeds up exports, and adds a nifty computer rack to the export slot when enabled :smiley:

7) Slowed the efficiency graph so it updates every 10 seconds, not every second.

I found this chart updated way too often, and didn’t give enough information to be useful. The update rate is way slower now, and its reformatted with some hopefully helpful lines. This still needs some work, but I hope its of more use now than before.

11) New importing algorithm prefers local supplies where reasonable, and penalizes importers with long queues.

Much requested! I was going to make this an unlockable tech but decided against it. Now the game penalizes the routes to importers that have a long queue of resources, and gives a route ‘bonus’ to local production. This will not 100% guarantee delivery only from locally produced stock, but will dop so unless the local stockpile is a LOT further away.

15) Fixed routing bug where production slots connected *only* to manufacturing slots sometimes got caught in a loop.

If you had situations where a production slot seemed to constantly loop and never let the car in was working on mvoe forwards…then this should be fixed now.

Hope you find 1.06 more stable, and more fun than 1.05 :smiley:

I think you made it easier to make money. I’m selling basic cars (with Q&A) for 87% markup and they’re staying in the single digits of stock levels. In the previous two patches, anything past 55% would send stocks levels into the double digits quickly.

I would love to see how you calculate sales.

Edit: I take it back, definitely better.

In 1.04 and 1.05, I sold cars for +70% and stayed in single digits…
In 1.06 I did not test enough


continued a save game from 1.05 (scenario ‘Tight Budget’) and have some trouble now to sell enough cars.
I did not do any expands so still working with the basic zone. But this one is full with a compact but fully splitted up production line, all necessary component manufacturing stations and just 1 export slot. With some parallized slots this line can produce the cars a bit faster than the one export slot can push the cars outside.

Before 1.06 it was easy to make lot of profit while setting the Premium/Discount to 50% without getting the stock full of unsold cars. In fact this was too easy.
But know in 1.06 the cars on stock passed 200, no matter what discount is set. I don’t believe that it is as intended but I also don’t have an idea if it’s related to starting with the previous game version or to the high speed manufacturing while having only 1 export slot or something else. Setting the value to 0% or less will push the sales for a short moment but falling back to the same situation as before in less than 5 minutes.

While loosing money as soon as the business is running I will restart with a new savegame …

Keep up the good work - Production Line is just the part I was missing in other games related to car manufacturing like Rüsselsheim (aka Detroit) or Oldtimer (aka Motor City)

Kind Regards

EDIT: There will be a fix for this in 1.07 so it should be solved :slight_smile:

Anxious for 1.07! I want to play again! lol