Version 1.11 release. Changes and Highlights


Ok, this build is not perfect, but it seems to be a lot better than before in terms of routing issues. I know some of the new functionality has some GUI quirks that need fixing, but I didn’t want to wait with this patch any longer as it contains some decent other fixes plus I’m away for a week at GDC starting Sunday so…


1) [GUI] New tab on efficiency window shows stats for components/resources.

I know people have asked for a split here to show locally produced vs imported. I need to write a chunk of code to do that, but its on my wishlist…

2) [Bug] Fixed bug where supply stockpiles failed to calculate the nearest import bay reliably.
3) [Bug] Fixed visual glitch where some cars would have different colors based on zoom-level.
4) [GUI] New supply stockpile GUI shows stock and allows one-click filling based on slot selection.

I have heard that this has some minor issues. I’ll fix it for the next patch. Its still worth getting this in there so people can offer further feedback on it as a feature.

5) [Performance] Major speedups for colossal factories, plus preventing bug where conveyors cant be built.
6) [Bug] Game will now not autosave if the game over window has been triggered.
7) [Bug] Fixed weird behavior if you pressed F2 or F3.
8) [Bug] Research complete window pop-up now kills off any current building action.
9) [GUI] Clicking a supply stockpile now shows resources heading towards it in the same way production slots do.
10) [GUI] Supply stockpile window is now draggable.
11) [Bug] Fixed issue where immediately after loading a game, supply stockpiles may not order components until there was a route change.
12) [GUI] Supply stockpiles and manufacturing slots now highlight exported and imported goods when clicked upon, in red and blue.

Apparently that has some issues when opening other windows, which I need to look at

13) [Other] Trebled the capacity of the floor renderer to render giant maps.
14) [GUI] Game now displays all process time in game time(same as the clock in the menu) not real-world time!

This makes the game much more sensible IMHO, hope you agree! Plus it feels like it accentuates the differences between slots in a more helpful way.

15) [Bug] Fix for crashing when certain conveyor arrangements involved loops.
16) [Balance] the second resource conveyor speed upgrade has increased impact now.
17) [GUI] Screenshots now default to high quality PNGs instead of horrible jpegs.
18) [Feature]New 'Configure imports' button on slot windows now lets you set up a resource import strategy for each individual slot and resource.

This is a big new feature that you need to unlock as R&D first. I’ve heard it may not always work correctly for local-option, but at least the tech and the GUI is live now, and it sounds like I just have a bug to squash. Let me know if this is intuitive or not, I think the word ‘local’# is a bit ambiguous. it should refer to anything produced in your factory, as opposed to imported.

19) [Bug] Total recode of the way that stockpiles handle prioritizing resources, should fix myriad issues.

I essentially tore out the old code and wrote it again, it a clearer fashion. I suspect this fixes a whole bunch of crazy bugs, and it definitely seems to allow slots with multiple tasks to keep working at a sensible rate and not get too hung up on waiting for resources. I think this will be the biggest and best change overall with this patch.

With luck, all I need to do is fix a bunch of GUI bugs and minor quirks, and people will start feeling that the resource management (ie routing and ordering) side of the game is ‘fixed’. All feedback welcome.


A couple of things that I’ve noted:

  • It’s difficult to make sure I have set import rules on each of the stages - if I have say 5 seat fitting stages in parallel, I need to click on each one, then click on the export rules section to be able to see if I have them all set correctly. A way to at least see the import rules without needing to click on an additional button would be great.
  • It would be nice if I could set import rules factory wide - so if I want to enforce a factory wide import rule for a part I could do so from one place.
  • I’d like to see local production of items on the new efficiency>components view. I can see consumption, but not local production, which means I have to stare at the screen for a few mins to see if I am meeting demand in a “local only” ruleset. If I have “prefer local” then there’s no good way to ensure local production meets demand (apart from watching import windows for a while, which can be difficult in huge factories).
  • Setting up stockpiles for local goods that have a high throughput of production/usage is not worth it, which is a shame as that’s where they can be really useful as a buffer - items can be sent to the stockpile to fill it, but if local demand is higher than the rate at which the stockpile can fill up then it isn’t very useful. Being able to set a stockpile to receive only on items could help, as I could get them to fill up before allowing items to ship out from them.

Other than that feedback the performance is much better for me, and the new resource system although not perfect is miles better than it was before.


This is definitely on my todo list!

Thanks! it is so good to know that.


I think “in-house” would be less vague.
adjective, adverb
within, conducted within, or utilizing an organization’s own staff or resources rather than external or nonstaff facilities:
in-house research; Was the ad created in-house or by an outside advertising agency?


Don’t have much time this weekend, but played a bit of 1.11 and the performance is much better now.
I loaded up my savegame of my mega factory that was so laggy it was unplayable and now it is completely lag free :slight_smile:




i would like to know how i can download the updates
thats all



just use the download link you got from humble. It will lead you to the actual installer every time.


Wondering when this will be on steam as release ?

Just pending on buying now cause off no timing on steam release and hope fully enough keys to provide on pre-orders to add it to steam.


Hoping for steam early access in a month or two. I just need to get a bunch of stuff done before I can release on there, including a teaser video, which can take time.


What actually is the ratio of real time to game time? (at 1x speed?)

Because I notice the time changes going from 1.09 to 1.11 and lost my marbles trying to make sense of it. In the end I just made myself a new spreadsheet. It does look like the ratios between assemblers is the same as before, but my sheet is way messier.


2 seconds of realtime are equal to 1 minute of gametime at normal speed.

Maybe you want to take a look into this topics regarding the time calculation of upgrades and another one related to the same topic but also with some spreadsheets.


Thanks. I’ve updated my sheet based on what I’ve read, but I think I’ll need to make another version now.