Version 1.12 released. Highlights & changes

Just set version 1.12 live. here are the changes:

This bug was hard to spot, but basically if you ever put down a new supply stockpile and wondered why it never ordered stuff…this fixes it :smiley:

its still buggy, but this means you are never editing the core mission files, just new ones in a new folder, so there is less chance to screw up and need a reinstall. I will obviously re-visit this and make the editor less error-prone and more intuitive in time.

This also changes the balance of the late game. New researched features are not such ‘easy wins’ as before, because new upgrades come with new requirements, which will hopefully keep things challenging.

These two are basically ‘uber’ versions of the basic facilities, something to spend your money on and look forward to later in the game.

I think power plants may have to become even more expensive, but I’d like to see what people think. There are multiple angles towards balancing the game, and frankly I need to work on the way cars are priced before worrying about further facility or component price adjustments.

I had to update my sheets after this one. Time Ratio is now aprox 2.2 in game minutes to real seconds.

The green text is impossible to read.

I am able to read it… so not entirely impossible. But with inconvenient I would agree.

I wonder though how color deficient people see the text… I would guess people with Tritanopia (blue-yellow color blindness) would only see some grayish mud almost indistinguishable from the also grayish background color.

The new components really messed up my super speed factory :’(

but overall i like it!

So not entirely impossible for you makes it ok that I can’t see it?

I already wrote that I agree that it is inconvenient to read even for those who are not colorblind. Nowhere did I write that it is ok.

Sadly I cant find a way to edit that green color in phpbb3 :frowning:

If you struggle reading the green text what you could do is highlight it. Then it will be white on blue, making it easier to read.

Aren’t there Options for the various colors in the Forum Theme settings or would that require editing the CSS stuff manually?

That said it would also be possible to make it a numbered list or regular list instead of embedding the changelist inside code tags which don’t allow any formatting whatsoever. I could do that if you have no time for editing the post. :smiley:

Oh feel free, that makes more sense :smiley:

Done… I misused Quotes without the username attribute which almost looks the same as code passages with the difference that it should be readable now and could be further formatted. :smiley:

Maybe the font is a little bit too small (due to quotes shrinking the font a little bit by default), but if anyone finds it is too small I will make it bigger with a font size override… but I hope nobody will be that nit-picking. :smiley: