Version 1.17 released. Highlights!

The slot picker was getting a bit big and messy. I’ve put research inside facilities. I think this gives me greater freedom to add more cool stuff later :smiley:

Hopefully this make people happy! I will look into adding some controllable logic to this at some stage, maybe only apply a specific upgrade to body type X, would make sense, or to cars that already have upgrade Y installed?

There is no longer a need to mess around with the prices of upgrades individually. Its assumed your sales team make reasonable decisions to match each feature to the market price, and that price is higher if you have researched a tech before your AI opponents have done so. This will be more user friendly once I have an events pop-up GUI in the game. Overall car mark-ups still exist, to calibrate sales rate against premium/discount.


The icons appear on tech as AI researches that tech and thus drives down the price of the resulting car feature. Hopefully this gives you a guide as to what to research next so you do not fall too behind the tech curve and have to offer discounts.

Opinions most welcome! Also do not forget to vote for the priorities again on the main menu. I’ll be doing a video about this update today or tommorow!

Sounds nice…! :smiley:

Looks good and i shall try it out :slight_smile:

I wish more people were interested. You’ve made a GREAT game. It is a pleasure playing and every update is looked forward to.


Thanks :smiley: The best way to get people interested is to tweet/facebook post or reddit post about the game. Everyone’s support is much appreciated. Hopefully when we launch on Early Access soon there will be more players :smiley:

I think as soon it gets on Steam it will get more intreset mutch easyer when there are updates.

Now you need to relog to humble to get your package, moste of the time go true to procedure of activation etc …

A suggestion for the tree building menu now you have to click on “+” to view sub options it would be nice to see it open on “duble/single” mouce click on it.

I think the + is a little harder to hit than it should be, whatever the best way to fix that is however I don’t know. If it were slightly bigger I don’t even think we’d need any UI tricks.

EDIT: Is there anywhere that explains the car icons on the research pane?

My guesses at the moment:

infinity / car: everywhere
one car: rare
two cars: common