Version 1.25 - a couple buglets

Bought the game at the recent sale - I was browsing through the online portion of the main menu, and found an update button. Pressing it downloaded a bunch of files the first time, but now pressing it says something like “go download a new version from the link”. My game says Full version 1.25, and downloading again from BMT seems to get a copy with the same version, although it still asks me to download from the link again when I click on the update button.

Maybe it should update automatically like GSB? It’s been pretty fun (but tough!) so far, although having a way to save from the game interface would help - took a while before I figured out how to exit to the main menu to save. As well, there seems to be an issue with save/restore on the turn when you make election promises - I reloaded the autosave for that turn, and was not prompted to make promises (and my election promises for that election were blank!)