Version 1.28 released. here are the changes

  1. [Gfx] Glossier rendering of cars.(optional)


This is the new shiny shader for final painted cars. I don’t think it has much of a performance hit but you can turn it off if it does on your particular setup.

  1. [Features] Added bullbars as a feature, and support for style-specific features.
  2. [Features] Added 4x4/AWD/Offroad body style.
  3. [Feature] Car body styles now each have their own variable market share, rather than being equal.
  4. [Bug] Fixed bug where you could place some office facilities so they stuck out of an office zone.
  5. [Performance] Boost for routefinding speeds on larger factories.

You may not notice as difference, but if you have big setups and a low-spec PC (CPU-=wise) it should be rather noticeable.

  1. [Balance] Sunroof & panoramic sunroof increased fitting/resource/production/feature costs.
  2. [GUI] New icons on research screen for in-car music, aluminium body and voice recognition.
  3. [Bug] Fixed a bug where the sales matrix and the charts reported wrong number of hourly sales for each model.
  4. [Feature] Aluminium bodies now require new aluminium resource, more time and more expensive upgrade cost.
  5. [Feature] In-car music now requires a speaker, and is worth more.
  6. [Feature] Voice recognition now requires a microphone and is worth more.

Basically a lot of balance stuff, and some new resource requirements to increase the variety and complexity of the production line.

  1. [Feature] Stockpiles now only remove old(unused) components now if room is needed, as they may be needed for the next car.

This fixes a long standing but quite obscure bug, and makes them work better when the car model going through the slot keeps changing.

  1. [Feature] Edge scrolling on map can now be turned off under options.
  2. [Bug] A bunch of bug fixes and improvements for the level editor.
  3. [Tutorial] Added a tutorial pop-up the first time you place an office in a non office location or vice versa.
  4. [Bug] Fixed bug where progress of individual slot tasks didn’t seem to pause correctly when the game was paused.
  5. [GUI] Improved the usefulness of the data shown in tooltips in the showroom screen.


I got rid of the thoughts of customers looking for a different budget range or body style, and added in data on the current number of that design in stock, and the current price markup for that design.

  1. [Feature] Supply stockpiles now have configurable imports.


This is a bit experimental. Its not locked, so you can use it immediately. I might lock it behind the same research for slots in the next patch. This lets you determine on a per-resource basis, where a supply stockpile tries to get its inputs from, and its handy if you want to combine local production with supply stockpiles.


Hope you like the new update to the game. There are definitely some economics model and customer-modelling issues I need to work on to make the game more balanced and interesting. This was a bit of a ‘features’ update with a bunch of new stuff, but the next one will be balancing, probably some customer-related stuff, maybe new achievements. With any luck I didn’t break anything with this build, and the performance should definitely be getting better with each patch.

I think that you should eliminate AWD from the terminology for the Offroad car. Most importantly because AWD is a feature that all cars can have in real life and has been becoming more and more common over the years. Subaru makes all of their cars with AWD, for example. The 2017 Ford Fusion sedan has AWD. There are many others, but they are not offroad vehicles at all. 4x4, on the other hand, is only associated with offroad capability.

Yes, its no longer called 4wD or AWD at all :smiley:


Has this change not been made yet? Because the latest Dev Vlogs (including today’s) still show “4x4 (AWD)”. I was wondering if maybe you changed it one place but forgot another, or something.