Version 1.32 now released, here are the changes!

Hi again, we just released a new build of the game. here is the full changelist:

[version 1.32]

  1. [Balance] The load-balancing algorithm between resource importers has been tweaked to distribute imports more widely.
  2. [Bug] Fixed issue where some combined resources (like heated & folding wingmirrors) did not get pre-stocked in the necessary quantities.
  3. [Simulation] Changes to the way customers are simulated. They now have target budgets and can cross price & model boundaries and give better feedback. They also consider multiple potential cars.
  4. [GUI] Some more resources have been nested under parents in the selection GUI for supply stockpiles.
  5. [Bug] Fixed some bugs where the sliders on supply stockpiles could result in a lack of refunds, or phantom resource orders.
  6. [GUI] Added day indicator to the in-game clock.
  7. [GUI] Drop down lists now support scrollbars.
  8. [Performance] Another speedup for pathfinding.
  9. [Bug] Fixed it so a few tech upgrades that also applied to manufacturing slots still get the ‘edit models’ button on the research complete dialog.
  10. [AI] AI competition levels now start earlier, and scale in.
  11. [GUI] Finance screen now shows operating profit distinct from raw profit.
  12. [Achievements] The High efficiency achievement trigger has been made higher.
  13. [Tutorial] Some slots get temporarily greyed out during the tutorial now.
  14. [GUI] Improvements to the usability of the resource conveyor placer.
  15. [GUI] New GUI animations show difference between potential import and exit slots.

Hopefully seeing operating profit helps run your car company better, and we think the tweaks to AI competitors along with the changes to how customers choose cars is going to be noticeable. There is a chance that we have really dramatically sped up large factory game processing too.

We recently appeared at the EGX game show and have a lot of GUI and tutorial feedback for the game, so the next week is likely to concentrate on that. After that goes in A9long with new sound effects), we have pickup trucks coming, and some more animation stuff :smiley:

Pickup trucks hell yeah!

Hi Cliffski

Yeah! Nice, it’s working better

Yes! Nice update. It seems to work better but still little problem with “seat”

I’ll test. Never see this kind of problem

Really nice update → more playability (??)

Never see this bug…

Very usefull.

I’ll see. It seems to working good

Never seen…

Yes, I saw it! Good competition

OK, but I don’t understand what it represente exactly.

I don’t saw tutorial…

Sorry, I don’t saw any difference.

Yes! Really nice improvement !

I don’t understand what does “operating profit” represente and how this indicator varies. I’ll studie…

Really really good job! Nice update. I am really really happy to play this game. Thank a lot.