Version 1.33 uploaded. here are the changes

Some much-wanted, and kinda cool stuff went in this week. Enjoy :smiley:

[version 1.33]

  1. [GUI] The current object under the cursor that will be deleted with a right click, is now highlighted in red.
  2. [GUI] You can now place down a slot directly on top of an existing conveyor facing the right way.
  3. [SFX] New Sound effects for various things. Ambient sounds scale, slot placement sounds depend on size. Conveyor & car sounds.
  4. [GUI] You can now drag a conveyor through an existing slot without the conveyor trying to path around it.
  5. [Balance] Changes to the way customers evaluate car values, and more customers at very low prices.
  6. [Graphics] Design studio now has dedicated design employees using yo-yos :D.
  7. [Simulation] Customers now give you feedback if a car lacks enough features and is below spec for their needs.
  8. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when placing research in some circumstances.
  9. [Tutorial] Various tutorial UI improvements.
  10. [Bug] Fixed bug where resource importers next to car conveyor belts could give incorrect wrong direction errors.
  11. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when starting second game mid-game then clicking on research.
  12. [Graphics] Fixed some Z-order anomalies that resulted in overlapping graphics on some slots.
  13. [Balance] Adjusted competitiveness of AI.
  14. [Balance] Rent of locked factory lots now rises and falls based on level of competition.
  15. [Graphics] Drying slots now have single large fans instead of four mini ones. They also animate :D.
  16. [Feature] Game Over screen now cannot be closed by ESC, and offers ‘crisis’ loan if some are available.
  17. [GUI] Factory slot windows now have an ‘upgrade all’ button, plus green tick icon if currently installed.
  18. [GUI] Improvements to fonts resulting in better text rendering in lots of places.

We should be getting a new pickup truck added in soon, and after that I’ll be designing the way we can add different car engine types, such as hybrid and electric, to the game. That might involve a fair bit of code, but hopefully will be really cool :D.
Don’t forget to vote on our priorities, and if you enjoy the game, leaving a review on the store of your choice is much appreciated :smiley:

[GUI] Factory slot windows now have an ‘upgrade all’ button, plus green tick icon if currently installed.

It would really be nice if the slot window didn’t close when you clicked the buy all button.