Version 1.35 released today!

Hi all! this is the full change-list for today’s update:

  1. [Bug] Fixed bug where a clearer better route would not be immediately prioritized over an inferior one when routing resources.
  2. [GUI] Expanded the selection box for the +/- expand buttons on the slot picker.
  3. [GUI] Copy from slot GUI for supply stockpile is larger and now sorted by name.
  4. [SFX] Smoother volume changes for factory conveyor & resource belt sounds.
  5. [GUI] Fixed tooltip Z-order bug on research queue in R&D screen.
  6. [GUI] Research complete dialog now shows current item being researched (if any), and button text is more relevant.
  7. [GUI] Added a small right-click confirm window with timer for deleting slots, which can be turned off under options.
  8. [Gfx] Drying fans now look different, and some slots have white parts-boxes.
  9. [Simulation] The effects of brand-awareness marketing campaigns now linger for a while after a campaign ends, and slowly decay.
  10. [Balance] 20% reduction in the base number of customers that visit a showroom/hour without any marketing.
  11. [Performance] Optimisation to the way some GUI elements are drawn.
  12. [Bug] Fixed rare crash bug relating to resources that screwed up some save games.
  13. [GFX] Welding robots are now red. other robots emit less sparks.
  14. [GUI] vehicle details window reduced in size so it does not show invalid values relating to quality & brand.
    Hopefully frame rates should go up a bit, and you might enjoy some of the animations and graphics ( I hope :D). I’m very open to feedback on the changes, especially the right click GUI change (dont forget you can disable this if you dont like it).
    We also have steam trading cards currently in review, so they should get added any day now.
    I honestly am still planning on starting on electric/hybrid cars soon. Then I think I need to take some time to improve a lot of the unintuitive aspects of the GUI…