Version 1.38 now live for windows

Other versions, and portal versions coming soon. here are the changes & fixes:

Version Release 1.38 July

  1. Fixed bug when toggling between fleets in a custom map, where the player fleets icons would not re-load.
  2. Fixed bug where ship components that spun are were not composites ignored applied custom textures.
  3. Fixed bug where textures may display wrongly in some cases on the ship design screen.4) Fixed bug where green ship running light did not appear.
  4. F2HullMod 8 can now be colored correctly.
  5. Zyrtari ship components now ordered correctly.
  6. Fixed bug where the game could crash if you beat the first campaign mission when trying to autoload the next one.
  7. Point defense beams now oscillate wildly around missiles traveling too fast for them to intercept.
  8. Weapons that deliberately do zero damage (like decoys) no longer qualify as least damage done in the post-battle stats.
  9. Contrails now correctly drawn even on complex multi-layer fighter & gun ship designs.
  10. Ship module comparison window now shows extra data for shield penetration vs resistance.
  11. Point Defense weapons now display tracking speed.
  12. Missile modules now display missile speed.
  13. Balance Change: Frigate/Destroyer Anti-fighter missile Range boosted from 800 to 900.
  14. Balance Change: Frigate/Destroyer Anti-fighter missile Damage effectiveness changed to 100% vs Hull, 25% vs Shield.
  15. Balance Change: Frigate/Destroyer Anti-fighter missile Firing interval reduced from 2900 to 1500.
  16. Fixed text spillover on the messages screen.
  17. Added new feature: messages in your inbox now contain a button to jump to the challenge if appropriate.
  18. Added new window that shows effectiveness of point defense weapons vs missiles when you select the tracking attribute for one.

Hi cliff,

now that 1.38 introduced big balancing changes and 1.39 will again do so, I am wondering when will we get the next Linux upgrade. I am still at 1.35.

At least challenges will be completely different for 1.35 people compared to 1.39 people…

Is it a packaging problem? Don’t know if I could help, I am familiar with quite a few build systems =:-)

And now there’s a version 1.40 out for Windows, while the Mac (and I presume Linux) are still sitting at 1.35, and Cliff hasn’t replied with so much as a single word to any queries about this in more than a month.

Cliff, seriously, are you just ignoring the non-Windows users and hoping that we’ll go away? If not, then any idea of what the issue is that is delaying or preventing the other builds from being done would be better than the complete absence of information we have had lately. (And maybe there is even something we could do to help.)