just checked and think my game is at version 1.28. When I hit the online tab, no update possiblity is visible. Isn´t there an automatic update ?

Little bit confused and any help appreciated…


if you use steam/impulse it will automatically update when you connect. idk about direct buy.

I bought from this site…



sorry hunter but i can’t help you there. just sit tight for a bit and cliffski or another user can answer your question.

You have to manually input a valid cd-key in the Online tab for the game to update automatically, maybe that’s your issue?
Also, make sure the game is allowed through your firewal if you have one.

If you rerun the installer the newest version should automatically be installed.

yup, either put the code in, or redownload and install the game. Either method gets you patched up to date (1.36)


of cause I had the code already submitted (and it shows a confirmation). But there seems no update available or happening. Anyways, I just redownloaded and reinstalled. Now it shows v1.36. Question remains: Do I have to redownload everytime there is an update :wink: ?



the game should download patches if its allowed to connect online when it laucnhes. If a firewall stops it, it won’t be able to downlaod newer patches.