Very basic FAQ

For people who have not watched the videos I have been doing (which can be found here: … Yxf9yP_krG)

Here are some answers to likely common questions:

How do I start building a car?
Production Line requires that cars be built in a certain order. You can see the order by checking the order of the manufacturing ‘slots’ menu. Click the icon with the isometric black shape on the top left of the screen to get started. Then place down a ‘Chassis’ for your car. This is one of the first steps. To get the manufacturing started, you will need to get resources from one of the potential import slots, to that chassis slot.

How do Resources work?
Almost all stages of manufacturing require components or resources to be imported into your factory to be used. They can only be imported through the greyed-out import slots around the walls of the factory. Once you build an importer, you need to build a resources conveyor from the importer to the target manufacturing slot. Note that resource conveyors are placed by a click-and-drag method. You can have conveyors cross over the main car conveyor belts, but this is more expensive.

How do I sell a finished car?
The walls of the factory have locations where you can place ‘export’ slots. A finished car that goes through those export slots is available for sale. The fiurst time you do this with a certain set of car features, you will have to pick a name for the car design, and a price. That car then goes into ‘stock’ waiting to be sold. In some cases it may sell immediately. You can see unsold stock by clicking the car icon at the top left.

How do I make more complex production lines?
The key to the game is to break down each of the tasks of car production into smaller and smaller and more efficient stages. This involves research, which you can only do once you have placed one or more research facilities. (These can be placed anywhere) Once you have researched a specialization, it unlocks certain ‘sub-slots’ which allow you to break-down the manufacturing process and become more efficient. For example the chassis slot can be replaced by axle, rollcage and drive shaft slots. This makes the production line itself much longer, but also much more efficient.

Why is my car not leaving a slot?
There are several reasons. Make sure that the conveyor leading away from the slot is facing the right direction! Also make sure that it feeds into the next slot for the production process. You may have missed a step, or placed down the next slot facing the wrong way!

How do I rotate things?
Middle mouse click!

How do I delete things?
Right click! or in the case of resource conveyors, hold shift and then right click.

How do I zoom in or out?
Either use the scrollwheel on your mouse or the PageUp/PageDown keys.

As people ask other questions a lot I’ll add the answers here…

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