Very cool! Sim Social "based" on Kudos 2

Hi Cliff

I hope they’re paying you a decent amount of money for this, although by itself it’s a fabulous way to get your name out there. The new publicity tool for Sim 3, Sim Social lists that it is “based” on Kudos 2 by Positech… it’s almost exactly like it to be honest. … SimTeasers

I hope this makes more of the Simmers aware of your existance, you’re almost the only other game developer I know of that caters to Sims type players in any real sense.


Somehow I have a feeling that they didn’t pay Cliffski any ammount of money :frowning:

I hope not… because the whole thing is so clearly lifted that it would be a bit like breach of copyright otherwise.

They did pay me money :smiley:
I was happy with the deal.

:slight_smile: Very happy to hear that Cliff… as I’ve got an account over at the Sims 2 board, I’ve spent the last few days going “I know you’re crabby about the four hour timeout on Sim Social, why don’t you play Kudos 2 in the meanwhile!” There are many people who have mentioned coming to try the trial version of Kudos based on their experiences with Sim Social and even a few who have bought the game. :smiley:

Hey that’s really appreciated. I’m surprised how much of the game (in terms of stuff like text) actually made it through to the final sims game. I think K2 is far better because of stuff like modding, saving and loading games, being able to tweak it, and the stuff like the weather effects and background color fading etc.

:wink: you’re very welcome… I actually think it’s a better game too, the folks playing Sim Social keep getting annoyed because EA’s set it to time out, apart from anything else…