Very first impressions

A few first impressions after playing 1.01 for about half an hour.

  • I’m playing on a laptop, and the mouse zoom is a bit in precise, hard to get zoomed to exactly where you want it, zooming with plus and minus keys would be a great help.
  • I can’t seem to get rotate object to work, now this is most likely because i’m actually running it on a mac via bootcamp, which doesn’t natively have middle mouse click (tried various options to map which haven’t worked). Anyway, can I suggest the R key to rotate also?
  • I’ve also got the issue a few others have mentioned which is alt-tabbing out of the game seems to put the game into a state where the only choice is to quit and re-launch.

Will return later with more in-depth thoughts.

if you nuke prefs.ini in the \my documents\my games\production line folder, it should toggle into borderless window mode which fixes alt-tab.
You can use pageup and pagedown as zoom if that helps?
ill add the r key to rotate as an option.

Right, some second impressions, after having played 1.02 a bit more.

In general, what catches you out a fair bit is that overall the game does have a fair amount of polish already, so when you do come across something that doesn’t work quite right it can take you by surprise and you have to remind yourself it is just an alpha.

More specifically, some suggestions and comments i’ve noted down while playing:-

  • When I click on resources importer, it seems to always say “waiting for vehicle” which seems odd. Is that incorrect text or does it mean something i’m not understanding?
  • Be nice to use WASD when viewing the R&D tech tree.
  • Be a real time saver to have a way to apply upgrades universally across all applicable slots (“Faster drying” across all dryers for example), it can get fiddly and frustrating trying to remember which ones you’ve put the upgrade on and which ones you haven’t.
  • Quite like it if the list of slots remember what i’d toggled open when I go back to it, i’m often closing the slots list for a better view of the factory, and reopening, just for all the lists to be closed up again.
  • It can be really difficult to tell when you’ve messed up a conveyor between slots, but I see you’re working on that.
  • I think you need some better contrast between the resource conveyors and the reset of the factory, because it can be hard for the eye to track exactly where they all are.
  • When i’ve got ‘splits’ in my factory line, cars don’t seem to distribute between them evenly.
  • Would it be possible to have the option to change how often the auto save triggers?
  • Lastly a slight more random suggestion, was thinking that a nice way to “progress” through the game might be to start with a small factory, then when you’ve hit a certain cash balance, you could sell up and move to one of the bigger factories, and your balance and tech unlocks would move with you.

But overall loving it, and i’m seriously scared at how much of my time it’s going to eat.

Hi, thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I didn’t realise importers showed a dialog at all (they shouldnt do) so I’ll fix that now…