Very Starfleet Battles-esque

I used to play the tactical board game Starfleet Battles in my youth. The rules were broken and the games took forever, but somehow we always enjoyed ourselves. This game brings back the fond memories (minus the broken rules of course) of SFB.

In that vein, I’d like to offer some weapons I would like to see in GSB, if possible.

In SFB, the Hydrans had Hellbores, which would envelop the enemy and deliver the most damage to the weakest shield, since you don’t use individual strengths for each shield side, a traditional hellbore would be useless, but perhaps make it an area effect weapon?

Hydrans also had fusion beams. Devastating at point blank range, and utterly useless anywhere beyond 4 hexes (in SFB terms, in GSB, perhaps the ships would have to be overlapping)

The Andromedans had power panels that absorbed enemy fire and converted it into energy for their own ships to use. If they couldn’t dump energy fast enough, the panels would explode and often with total destruction for the Andromedan ship, but it was always fun to use. The more you shot at an Andromedan, the faster the ship went until poof it went up.

Romulans and Gorns had their Plasma Torpedoes, which you already have.
The Hydrans also had Gatling phasers, ultra fast firing, though weak and short ranged, phasers. Mostly mounted on fighters.

Anyway, just some thoughts from a happy new owner of GSB.


In preparing to move house, I found all my SFB rulebooks today. Hurrah! You forgot to mention the Expanding Sphere Generator. Was that the Lyrans?
I remember liking the shapes of the ISC ships, but as I recall their weapons were fairly ordinary. I also really liked the idea of the wild weasal, something I’d like to get in to the game once I’ve moved house and get coding again.

The worst thing about SFB was having a big starbase assault map 4 hours in, with counters everywhere, and someone would sneeze or a dog would walk over the map…

We could be able to include the Star Trek races early next year. (seems too hard to do now)

Ahhhhh, Star Fleet Battles. For hardcore pen-and-paper tabletop wargamers, SFB was the WOW of its day. I poured way too many years down into that particular adventure. :wink:

I’d be very wary of infringing copyrights on ideas held by SFB’s designers, but certain enhancements or alternatives to SFB-ish equipment might have some place in a game like GSB. The ISC’s main heavy weapon - the Plasmatic Pulsar Device - had a fascinating concept for successive attempts to gain a firing solution. Something like that would be nice to see in GSB.

While the Hellbore won’t work here on account of unified shielding and the gatling phaser is unnecessary after tweaking the firing interval of any short-range laser, other SFB concepts can inspire new sorts of tactical interactions. Take the disruptor bolt, for example. How about a GSB weapon where each successive hit from one lowers the resistance value of the target unit’s shield? That sure sounds like “disruption” to me. :slight_smile: The Expanding Sphere Generator is another great idea. It wouldn’t have to cover the whole 360 degrees around the generating ship, either. Some kind of forward-radiating power projector which can be used like an onrushing snowplow sounds great to me! Kiss those damn enemy fighters and missiles goodbye, lol. Cliffski himself already commented upon the Wild Weasel decoy shuttlecraft to send seeking weapons after the wrong target. The severe tactical restrictions in order to employ a WW need to be evaluated here (shutdown of all active fire control & crash decel to very low speeds). They might not be worth the cost in a game founded upon gratuitousness in space. =D

Now I’m off to have nightmares of pushing tiny colored bits of cardboard around a colossal hexmap until the end of the universe or until the next Energy Allocation phase, whichever comes first! [-lol-]

Starfleet Command was my favorite game back in the day

Hey I’m stunned (and pleased) that others remember the insanity that was SFB. And yes, I had forgotten about the Lyran’s ESG, but could be cool for small frigates.

I’d love to see the Tholians web generators, but I have no idea how much of a PITA it would be to code that, it seems that would be more for a scenario of “get to the starbase” instead of the standard GSB I’ve encountered so far.

Anyway, Cheers to all! And watch out for the direct fire R Torps!