Veterans benefits - Potential official new policy...

Hi, here’s a new policy I’m thinking of putting in the auto-update. let me know what you think: …

Also, if anyone has any ideas for new events or dilemmas specific to the USA, let me know.

Great policy.

An idea for a dilemma that isn’t necessarily specific to the USA, but which is one that always rears its ugly head there, is campaign finance reform. Traditionally, there have been no limits on the amount of funding for political campaigns, although there have always been and still are proposals to regulate campaign donations more strictly.

A dilemma offering the choice between uncapped donations and strict regulations might be interesting. Capitalists and the wealthy would be strong proponents of unlimited campaign finance, because those groups traditionally vote with their pockets. By extension, socialists and the poor would be advocates of regulation, as they pretty much vehemently oppose the influence money has on, well, everything.

Hmmm that’s an interesting one. it opens up the whole can of worms that is a potential actual ‘campaign’ section of the game too.

Ok the veterans benefits policy is now auto-installed on the update screen for everyone, as it seems to work ok.